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Just Add Writers

Starting a Writers’ Group  in Suwon, South Korea One of the biggest disadvantages of being an overseas expat is that people are in a constant state of motion. Whether it is to another city in Korea or another country in Asia, foreigners are perpetually coming and going. While it can be interesting to meet so […]

Context in Foreign Language

I had gotten to the point I was feeling pretty cocky with my Korean. Granted, I am perhaps a bit (okay, a lot) more prone to bouts of cartoonish egomania than most, but this particular run of overconfidence wasn’t entirely my fault. You see, on the morning in question the nice lady selling me coffee […]

Woopsies I’ve Made Trying to Speak Korean

Bad subtitles in Kung Fu movies have made the woopsies of Asians speaking English well known. However, what many westerners do not know is that the Placenta and Teeny Weeny stuff goes in both directions. Stuff I’ve said while trying to speak Korean: In conversation with an older woman. “I speak politely to you because […]

Welcome to Seoul

It was my first time outside North America. The first time I’d gone further east than Orlando, further west than San Francisco, further south than Tijuana or further north than British Columbia.  I had just crossed an ocean and my passport was about to lose its virginity. Incheon International Airport is designed to serve Seoul, […]