We are looking for artists to illustrate our book series and we want you to apply! What You Get J & B Publishing is always on the lookout for talented artists. We accept a variety of mediums – everything from comics-style pencil-on-paper to illlustrated calligraphy to silk screens – and prefer to work with artists […]


Jamal Barbari and I are looking for writers at J & B Publishing and we want you to submit. What You Get J & B Publishing recognizes the need to operate differently from most publishers in the dynamic new version of the books industry. As such, we offer a comprehensive package of coaching, development and […]

When I proposed co-founding J & B Publishing to my friend Jamal Barbari, I knew that we’d need to come up with something unique, some way to stand apart from the thousands of other small publishers. We both dove into the industry, cased the competition and contacted the most commercially successful authors we knew. What […]

I’m very happy to announce my newly established business, J & B Publishing. Co-founder Jamal Barbari and I have just released our first book, Joshua and the Chosen People. We have a lot of cool projects ongoing, exciting artists already onboard and opportunities for new writers, all of which you can peruse at jandbpublish.com. If […]

It’s best to be religious for two reasons. First, religion by its very nature gives us something greater than ourselves to live meaningfully in service of, an alternative to moral relativism and other forms of nihilism. Secondly, and perhaps even more important, being religious in any intelligent sense logically necessitates ambiguity tolerance or, more prosaically, […]

Sing, oh Muse, of the man of many ghetto-fabulous devices, who wandered LAX of the land of California and Incheon of the land of Korea, doing so after sacking the shops and wineries of the famous Citadel of Oregon, taking with him many treasures and presents. Many were the security offices he saw and varied […]

Presented at the 2022 World Education Research Association, San Diego Abstract: This paper seeks to explain the mathematical and logical limits to policy modeling. In particular, it is suggested that mathematically vigorous, predictive models of social behavior and policy implementation are highly susceptible to unintended consequences, serious evaluation problems and policy failure. The fundamental logical […]

The trolley problem is a classic experiment in ethics. The scenario is like this: You can choose the path of an out of control trolley as it careens at a group of innocent people. You can do nothing and allow the train to hit the group OR you can change the tracks and intentionally murder […]

The deepest foundation of my critique of totalitarian succor – yes, succor – is the simple fact that, of the people I grew up around, the most impressive, self-possessed and contented were almost all born in the United States before 1930. As a consequence, each of them lived through the Great Depression. The males were […]

Hey guys, These are some ideas for the name of a publishing company. Please let me know which you prefer. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.