Anthologies and Korean Literature

I periodically translate poems and stories from Korean into English. Right now, my compilations are limited to Korea’s incredibly rich poetry. However, I hope to move onto short fiction in the near future. Please check this space for more. Here are my currently completed translations.

Burying You Next to the Cornfield.



In addition to poetry, I also do original works in Korean or about Korean. I hope you enjoy.


문맹을 지원하고 무법주의 미화

Watching “The Interview” in Korea

Antagonizing More Critters in the Woods

Antagonizing Critters in the Woods

Taste of Life

인생의 맛

옷에 대하여 연설, The Clothing Speech

The Speech Contest

We The Translation, Habitually Done

Getting My Ass Kicked

The Clothing Speech

위험한 도덕



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