E1 Final

English Conversation 1


Use what you learned about dilemmas, devil’s advocate and moral systems. For the presentation, you should make a dilemma of your own. Your presentations should include the following information:

  1. Explain the possible choices in your dilemma and provide background information.
  1. Prepare to play devil’s advocate. In other words, you should be able to argue against your student, regardless of what your student chooses.
  2. Explain how the dilemma helps explore an idea critically.

    Written Reflection

In 200 words or less, explain your analysis of Yi Sun-shin and Rommel. Who made the better choice? Why? What moral system should we judge them by?


  1. Sounds like this was an interesting assignment? Were you teaching in Korea?

    1. Thank you, sir.

      Yes, this is for my sophomore English Education students in Korea. I teach English conversation 1-4 and I’m trying to make it an integrated process.

      I’m teaching them the psychology of empathy and how easy it is to change morality because I think a good teacher needs to understand, not judge students. That’s Convo 1.

      Convo 2 includes this project, where I’m asking students to critically consider the actions of their cultural heroes (Yi Soonshin is a huge Korean hero) and teaching them how to use dilemma in a language class.

      Convo 3 is about learning informal logic and playing devil’s advocate. Basically, how to keep students talking and thinking by avoiding cheap consensus. We also do narrative structure.

      Convo 4 is about how different genres of Western pop culture work and how to integrate them into a narrative lesson.

      Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate the engagement. 🙂

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