$8 Paintjob

Pretty much self explanatory. My car, it seems, is only two colors now. Thanks to Chris Marsh and Choi Chan-shik for the help. Thanks to Daejeon Ilbo for publishing pornographic cartoons in the business section of a major newspaper and making me laugh. Thanks to the police department for not noticing that half a day when I was driving around with no bumper, no lights and no fenders.


Chan-shik strategically blocking the previously mentioned pornographic cartoon.


Fenders are for the weak. Headlights are for the foolish. We are neither weak nor foolish!


In this photo, we are both making my office a slightly poisonous place in which to breath and making my fenders slightly more attractive. We might be using outdoor furniture paint, but we’re doing it the right way, damnit!

1465153_10201719688132933_2017113206_n (1)

As a thank you to the police department for not noticing my day of driving around with basically no parts on the front of my car, I have rendered the Daewoo a sort of poorly crafted homage to the police cars back home.

남은 것1

By comparison, this is what it looked like before.


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