Buy Ben Garrido’s Books

The Blackguard, described by multi-award winning author Todd Borg as “two parts Hunter S Thompson and one part John Kennedy Toole … pour over a story about an isolated town of white supremacists and you get an outrageous, acidic story that will keep your attention” is currently on sale.

The first of Ben Garrido’s three novels about broken identity, The Blackguard follows young engineer Marcus Hunyadi as he tries to separate Nevada’s ancient and isolated town of Enclave from its immense natural resources, protect a child of tainted blood, and attain the power he craves.

A fast, minimalist novel filled with cutting irony and dark humor, The Blackguard is a world both alien and uncomfortably familiar. Gripping, unsentimental and disturbing, Garrido’s story will ask how much you really care about your roots.

The paperback, published by Lucky Bat Books, is available here. 

E-book versions, which come complete with interactive features, are available from  Amazon, Smashwords, Inkbok and Kobo.

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