Ah, the inevitable part of the website where the author bloviates at you! Are you ready to get some ideologically charged morsels of seething fury shoved down your throat? Are you eager to learn my political orientation? Are you chomping at the bit to hear me aggressively evangelize at you?

I’m guessing not. That’s why this section will remain an ideology and dogma free zone. I take the general position that idealistic beliefs are a lot like buttholes – common, ugly and very likely to give you septic shock if you stick around when they start issuing forth. I try hard not to care about what conclusions people reach, but I’m very, very interested in how they reach said conclusions. In that spirit, I present the following articles. I hope they give you cause to think.

The Ethics

Kurt Godel and The Limits of AI

A Panegyric Upon Liberty

The Doomed Moralists, Part 1

The Doomed Moralists, Part 2


Donald Trump and Resentment


Wine Tasting

Probability Vs. Atheism

You Don’t Know Jack, Part 2

You Don’t Know Jack, Part 1

Buying Happiness

Decision Time on Gender Relations

Columbus and the Indigenous People

The John Galt Zombie Hunter Fantasy

The Cave Beast

What it Means to Be Weak

Chosen People

The American Morality Trap

The Upside of Western Decline

Vengeance and the Matter of Anders Breivik

Condensed Friendship

Dez Bryant and the Sins of the Father

Slavery and Economics


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