E4 Project

This project will be due in two weeks, Thursday, November 12.
You have already chosen a leader from the list I provided. However, if you wish to change your leader, you are free to do so. The list of acceptable leaders consists of the following:
Shaka Zulu
Cyrus the Great
Bill Clinton
Lee Kuan Yew
The Emperor Augustus
Ching Shih
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Wang Mang
Otto Von Bismark
Andrew Carnegie
Scipio Africanus
Hannibal of Carthage
I expect you to explain both how they succeeded and how they failed. You should make your presentations in four parts. 1) Introduction and story of the leaders’ life. 2) Reasons they achieved power. 3) Successful ways they used power. 4) Ways they failed using power.

This is important. I do not expect you to analyze how good, bad, nice or mean these people were. I only expect you to analyze how they use power. I expect a detailed analysis. I recommend you go to the library and get a book and/or several articles for this project. I expect you to teach me something or several things about the person you choose. Wikipedia is not enough.


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