Study Guide Anglo American Culture Final

Final Exam Guidelines

Choose three of the following topics:

  1. Korea is becoming more diverse. How can it avoid the DeTocqueville cycle that North and South American countries have? In particular, scientific ideas of race, equality and capitalism are relatively new inventions in Korea. How can Korean teachers avoid the problems with the invention of scientific race, the invention of equality and the invention of capitalism?
  2. Korea is traditionally “one race.” Is this idea connected to the evolution of race in the article? For example, ancient “races of men,” “proto-racism” in Greece, 안사의 난 and the Indian caste system, the problems of “bad slaves.” What are the pros and cons of teaching a “one race” idea?
  3. What can Korean teachers learn from Elizabeth, Theodore Roosevelt and Hannah Arendt about “polarization?”
  4. Is Roosevelt’s high risk, “strenuous life” idea good for Korean teachers to teach to boys? Is it good for Korean teachers to teach to girls? If it is good, can you have a “strenuous life” and also “reduce suffering” like many modern educators try to do?
  5. Why, traditionally, do women have low risk, low reward lifestyles but men have high risk, high reward lifestyles? Should Korean teachers replace this system? Why or why not?
  6. Elizabeth, in many ways, lived a “male” lifestyle. What ways did she live “male style” and what ways did she live “female style?” Should Korean educators use women like Elizabeth as role models for girls? Should Korean educators use women like Elizabeth as role models for boys? (Hint – the relationship between risk and power.)
  7. Elizabeth had to sacrifice family to have her career. In Korea, we see a similar thing. As more and more women have careers, the birth rate and marriage rate have become very low. Is it possible to have a career and a family? How should Korean teachers guide students on the balance between family and work?

Email me your essays. Please write between 1 and 2 pages per topic.
Your due date is next Thursday.


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