English Conversation 3 Finals Guide

Ladies and gentlemen,

Your project for your English conversation 3 class will be to take what you’ve learned about logic and apply it to real world things. In order to do this you must include the following things in your presentation:

a) Find an example of faulty logic or predatory behavior. Dishonest political speeches, the techniques of con men and predatory advertisements are good places to look for bad logic and cognitive distortions. Present this in class.

b) Explain what the example was designed to do. If you choose a dishonest advertisement, for example, you should explain what the advertiser was trying to do. Present this in class.

c) Explain how the example used fallacies and invalid logic to accomplish their goals. Present this in class.

d) Try to accomplish your example’s goal while using valid logic. For example, if your dishonest political speech was designed to make you vote for higher taxes, make an alternative speech that makes people vote for higher taxes but is still logically valid. 

You will be graded on creativity, presentation skill and thoughtfulness. Outside research and ideas will improve your grade as well. Grammar is only a small part of your grade. You should present it to me, over the phone. Your presentation should be about 5 minutes. You do not need to make a PPT.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or mms.



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