Study Guide 영어회화 1 중간고사

Study Guide English Conversation 1

Presentation: Use what you learned about memory and contextual learning to teach a lesson about one of the following topics: a) strawberries b) The music of alt-J c) throwing a knuckleball d) how to play checkers e) the Dodge Viper f) how to grow orchids. Remember the spider web model and the circular model of memory.

Short Essay: Leadership is difficult. Whether you want to be a teacher and lead students or an official who leads people, there are many obstacles. Which obstacles are the most difficult? How will you overcome them?


Presentations should be about 5 minutes. Your grade will be 75% presentation and 25% participation in another students’ presentation. PPT is okay but not required. You can use prezi, posters or any other method.

Essays should be about 250 words. You can express any opinion as long as you support it. Turn in the essays when you come to the presentation.


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