Study Guide 영어회화 1 중간고사

Study Guide English Conversation 1

  1. Review your notes on the Milgram Obedience Trials. Understand how authority changed people’s behavior. Make an opinion about how much teachers can change student’s behaviors with their authority. Make sure you understand how the experiment worked.
  2. Review your notes on the Stanford Prison Experiment. Pay special attention to the factors that changed the fake guard and fake prisoners’ behavior. Understand how the experiment worked.
  3. Review the “guide to basic moral systems.” You must be familiar with the Golden Mean, the Veil of Ignorance, the Categorical Imperative and Propriety. Some of you mentioned a fifth type of morality called “relativism.” This means that anything can be right or wrong, depending on the context.
  4. Choose one moral system and prepare to defend it. For Golden Mean students, the challenge is “how do you find the middle way?” For students choosing the Veil of Ignorance your challenge is “how can we deal with prejudice in the Veil of Ignorance?” For students who chose the Categorical Imperative, you must answer “why is bad results-good intentions better than bad intentions-good results?” For students who choose propriety, you must answer “how can we protect ourselves from evil people?” For relativists, your challenge is “if everyone in Japan thinks it’s good to control other countries, why is it wrong for Japan to control other countries?” This is the LINK to the morality article.  < PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK.
  5. Look over “Possessive vs. Contractions” on page 10, the Seamus McSporran story on page 21 and the vocabulary on page 22

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