Midterm Guide E2

Your midterm test, on October 27, will focus on critical thinking and memory. You will present to a small group of other students and lead them through a discussion. I will grade you on the following things:

  1. Quality of your presentation. You need to lead a group of other students though a discussion. You can choose any topic you like. A good presentation will encourage critical thinking, as in chapter eight, and good discussion. A good presentation will also use the memory and motivation concepts in chapter seven to teach the students new things.
  2. Quality of your participation in other students’ presentations. Good participation will involve asking good questions and doing the activities well when other students are leading you in discussion.
  3. Your rationale. This is a written paper due on November 3rd. You should explain how you made your presentation and explain what you learned during your presentation. 200-300 words.

This is an individual project. You will not know who your partners are until you come to my office for the test. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone, email or messenger.



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