E4 Final

Final Exam: Your final exam will be mostly similar to the midterm. You will choose a time on a schedule and visit my office. During your visit, you will be alone.

Choose one of the beliefs on page 94 and persuade me that it is not true (or is true). The positions you can choose to oppose or support are here:


  • The military draft is okay because only young men get drafted. Young men are the most disposable people in society, so it’s okay if they die.
  • Societies with more educated women have higher divorce rates. Therefore, we should stop women from getting education.
  • Slavery was useful for the development of society. Without slaves, education, science and art would never have advanced. As such, slavery was a good thing. (Check Hannah Arendt if you need help.)
  • Some cultures and religions are simply evil. We should force people from these evil cultures and religions to change.
  • We should destroy books, movies and art with bad morals. Things like violent cartoons and sexual music videos should be banned. If people are allowed to think bad things society becomes too dangerous.
  • Laws are unnecessary. We should just appoint very moral people to be judges. (Check Confucius if you need help.)


I need to emphasize that you should understand the arguments before you support or challenge them. While the opinions above are not likely things you support, very smart people have supported them for good reasons. You need to understand those reasons before you attempt persuasion.

Whatever you choose, I will oppose you. You will have 10 minutes to convince me. This will be 70% of your grade. You should use the skills you’ve learned in chapters 26 and 27. You might be able to convince me by using your knowledge of punishment, as explained in chapter 25.


Written assignment. In 300 words or less, create a strategy for getting hired after you graduate. Use your skills in persuasion and your knowledge of how the job interview process works to make a good plan.

You can use the information here to help.






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