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Trump and Putin, Bromance for the Ages

What, exactly, are these two getting out of each other?

Japan and Korea Hate Each Other

The only two rich democracies in East Asia, both of which are threatened by China’s expansion, would much rather undermine each other than cooperate. Why?

Brazil, WTF? The Homely Gangsters, Season 2, Episode 1.

The president of Brazil wants you to know that burning the Amazon is awesome and remind you that putting the fires out is imperialism. Beyond the obvious WTF factor, what’s going on?

The Homely Gangsters Episode 2, #MeToo MeToo? YouToo? WhoToo? Jamal, Jen and Ben focus their penetrating intellects and genius level analytic skills upon the #MeToo movement. Where did this movement come from, historically and culturally? What are the assumptions behind the activism? Is it okay that Hollywood actresses more or less immediately displaced Tarana Burke (who)? What does it mean […]

Three Mistakes and A Truth

I’ve been digging into a lot of the scientific literature from the late 19th and early 20th century and it got me thinking about our modern celebrity scientists. Below I’ve prepared four statements, only one of which is true. See if you can figure out which one.

Behold! (Behear?) It’s Podcasting Time!

Greetings y’all. It’s been a while. Too long, and I’m sorry for that. Unfortunately, some of the reasons for ghosting wordpress aren’t going away. I’m doing a Ph.D now, in Korean (and sometimes in Chinese characters – pray for me), people have suddenly started paying me to write stuff and a lot of the material […]

#Me Too, Historical Context

  Me Too, which began in 2006 but exploded into the mainstream only with the various Hollywood sex scandals of late 2017, might seem like a novel thing, a shiny new movement unprecedented and out of context, but I promise it is not. Depending on your views you might love or hate the movement, but […]

Loving Life

I recently sat down with Jamal Barbari to discuss Trumpism, education and corn. Lots of corn.

Why We Hate, Michael Brown and Baton Rouge

Warning: This is a very touchy subject. If you are faint of heart you will not enjoy this post, I promise. The things I say will challenge you, they will cast you as a villain. I’m not trying to be offensive, but this is hardcore. That said, I sincerely do hope you continue. Hatred – […]

The Saint

  Reggie, 8 pm   It was bad, even for a 7-11. The clerks seldom bathed, the deli meats promised gastric distress and the diverse clientele ranged all the way from sad to hopeless. A congealed soup of unburnt hydrocarbons covered the parking lot to half an inch thick, daily refreshed by the streams of […]