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The Case For Religion

It’s best to be religious for two reasons. First, religion by its very nature gives us something greater than ourselves to live meaningfully in service of, an alternative to moral relativism and other forms of nihilism. Secondly, and perhaps even more important, being religious in any intelligent sense logically necessitates ambiguity tolerance or, more prosaically, […]

Logical Limitations of Mathematical and Abstract Modeling Approaches to Top-Down Educational Reform

Presented at the 2022 World Education Research Association, San Diego Abstract: This paper seeks to explain the mathematical and logical limits to policy modeling. In particular, it is suggested that mathematically vigorous, predictive models of social behavior and policy implementation are highly susceptible to unintended consequences, serious evaluation problems and policy failure. The fundamental logical […]

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Hey guys, These are some ideas for the name of a publishing company. Please let me know which you prefer. Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

The Tragic Heroes of 2020

The last year and a half saw two major crisis – COVID19 and the breakdown of the rule of law. COVID itself was – conspiracy theories aside – almost certainly a naturally occurring infection that jumped from a wild species to humans. Its spread was aided by freedom protesters and conspiracy theorists, eager to fight […]

Why It’s Likely Nobody Knows What You Mean When You Talk About Capitalism or Socialism

In economics and the history of economics, capitalism and socialism are discrete, amoral and relatively rational things. Certainly not the hot button, justice inflamed things that inspire passionate idealists – the folks pictured above for example – to cover us in flecks of morally righteous spittle. Capitalism is markets, the free flow of labor and […]

Why NFAC May Be Good

I like this picture. I consider the existence of this armed militia a cause for hope not because I hate white people and certainly not because I want to express white guilt, but because I think it represents a real, sustainable basis for respect. I think it represents a genuine respect because, in my experience, […]

Coronavirus and the Young-ish People

When Marie Curie was a young woman, the Russians conquered her homeland. They declared that Poles were racially inferior and that women were intellectually weak. Curie had no rights, was protected by no freedoms and was granted no equalities. In response, she gathered her courage, pursued an illegal education and, when necessary, endured starvation in […]

A History of the Race Idea

It is my belief that understanding should precede judgment. With this in mind, let’s attempt to reconstruct the history of race and expand understanding that we might better judge what ought to be done. Part One: Race, As Understood by Most Ancient People In many ancient texts you will find references to “races of men.” […]

An Open Letter to Journalists, Activists and Academics

Dear colleagues in the academy, dear former colleagues in the media and to my friends in activism, we need to talk. What We Just Saw On May 25th, four police officers in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd. One of them, Derek Chauvin, acted as executioner, pressing Mr. Floyd’s neck with his knee for nearly 6 minutes […]

Trump and Putin, Bromance for the Ages

What, exactly, are these two getting out of each other?