Quick Poll

Hey guys,

These are some ideas for the name of a publishing company. Please let me know which you prefer.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.


  1. Dear Ben,

    I am the first to cast the vote and comment here, and I chose “MultiVerse Publishing”. My second choice is “Elegant Ink”.

    My advice is that a two-word name is better the a three-word name for a publishing company.

    I still have not found the time to reply to your comment, though I shall keep making the effort to read your posts. Meanwhile, you are free to explore my writings.

    Yours sincerely,

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your feedback and look forward to reading your replies. I’ll be surfing over to soundeagle momentarily. 🙂

      1. Dear Ben,

        You might want to consider changing the setting of your poll so that each reader can only vote once, for I have just discovered that I can vote for a second time. Of course, I realize that you might indeed want people to be able to vote more than once or unlimited number of times. In that case, your current setting is fine.

        Yours sincerely,

      2. I’d like for people to be able to put in their second choices, but thank you for the heads up.

      3. Dear Ben,

        Since that is the case, it would be much more convenient to change another setting of your poll so that the reader can choose multiple items.

        I also discover that your poll only shows up in situ on your blog, and is missing in the WordPress Reader, which also tends to not display my advanced stylings and animations.

        Yours sincerely,

      4. Thanks, just changed it!

      5. Dear Ben,

        You are welcome. In total, I have cast two votes for “MultiVerse Publishing” and one vote for “Elegant Ink”.

        By the way, I have responded to your comment with a bespoke reply at my extensive and analytical post entitled “💬 Misquotation Pandemic and Disinformation Polemic: 🧠 Mind Pollution by Viral Falsity 🦠“, which has twelve major sections (plus a detailed annotated gallery) instantly accessible from a navigational menu.

        Though the post is very long and encyclopaedic, the navigational menu there can help you to jump to any section of the post instantly so that you can resume reading at any point of the post over multiple sessions in your own time. Please enjoy!

        Wishing you a good evening!

        Yours sincerely,

  2. I voted “Mighty Pancake” because I think people are more likely to notice it. But I’m struck by the fact that I couldn’t name any of the publishers for the last ten or so books I’ve read.

    1. Hahahaha, yeah, I don’t pay attention either. 🙂

      A friend and I are trying to start up a publishing company in a year or two, brainstorming names because we need a name. That said, as you point out, it’s probably not that important in the grand scheme.

      By the way, Mighty Pancake is a play on words on the city where I (and my business partner) live. Daejeon – written 大田 in Chinese characters.

      The dae (大) part means big, great or mighty. The jeon (田) part means field. However, jeon (田) is a homonym for jeon (煎). The two are pronounced identically but the second one means pancake. Great Fields Books and Mighty Pancake Publishing are thus both word play based on the city name.

  3. Hi Ben, just wanted to let you know the poll doesn’t show up on my Android phone at all, either in Reader or when I navigate to your page. Thought I’d let you know in case you can correct this in the settings. I’ll be back when I log onto my computer.

    1. Same for me. Unfortunately I don’t know how to change that. 😦

  4. I voted for East West Books, but encountered a server error.

    The chosen name will send messages. “East West Books” has a dignified universalist philosophical flavour. Sounds well-established

    Just my personal impressions here:

    Mighty Pancake Publishing — a bit flippant (no pun intended). Kids’ books?

    Multiverse Publishing — not bad, but the neologism sounds an off note for me. Also too broad to define the kind of books one might expect

    Elegant Ink — trying too hard to sound like an elegant outfit. Meanwhile, the sound of “Elegant Ink” is actually not that elegant. It’s the sound you hear when you drop a saucepan

    Chasing Dreams Publishing — sounds like a hopeless vanity venture

    Lonely Pencil Publishing — sounds like no one is paying attention

    J and B Books — also dignified and unassuming, sounds established, but hasn’t much colour

    Great Fields Books — intriguing and suggestive of novel thinking. Easily my second choice

    1. Thanks for the feedback AJ, I really appreciate it.

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