Woopsies I’ve Made Trying to Speak Korean

Bad subtitles in Kung Fu movies have made the woopsies of Asians speaking English well known. However, what many westerners do not know is that the Placenta and Teeny Weeny stuff goes in both directions.

Stuff I’ve said while trying to speak Korean:

  • In conversation with an older woman. “I speak politely to you because you are a high ranking bastard.”
  • Trying to say hello. “Open your hand.”
  • Trying to introduce my female friend to a bartender. “That bitch is my friend.”
  • Trying to say 18. “Fuck!”
  • Trying to ask ‘how are you tonight’ to my favorite dumpling chef, who was an old man. “How about you and me find a room?”
  • Trying to say give me chopsticks. “Please peel my penis.”
  • Trying to say old woman. “Used up, second hand woman.”

Have you accidentally said embarrassing things while speaking another language? Feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to follow my blog!



One comment

  1. Philly B20XX · · Reply

    Once while doing a French language news interview for the family brewery, I didn’t realize that “preservatif” is not one of the many instances where a french word sounds the same as an English one. In fact I was on national TV saying that we don’t put condoms in our beer, which although true, is an awkward thing to say on the 6 o’clock news.

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