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Immigrants and Equality

If you look carefully at the current immigration debate in the US, it pits immigrants, business interests and a thin layer of middle class do gooders on one side against  nationalists and working class people in general on the other side. What struck me about this arrangement is that it’s exactly the same structure you’ll […]

In the Name of Smaller Car Fires

I have participated in five track days at full sized road courses. The first time was in a 1990 Eagle Talon at the Reno-Fernley Raceway. That car had sporty brake pads and stock rotors. It made around 230 horsepower and weighed around 3000 lbs. I pulled that car into the pits after my second session and […]

Race Report!

Man it feels good to get back on a racetrack! My lovely new Brocinante, recently recovered from open chassis surgery, finally made her debut in the arena, and what an arena it was. Injae Speedium, a new circuit in the rugged mountains of northeastern Korea, slots into that sweet spot between beautiful and diabolical. Just […]

Fear and Loathing and Elderly Korean Cars

Have you ever owned a beautiful thing while knowing that, just beneath the surface, that beautiful thing is rotting away? Have you ever made a beautiful thing ugly? Have you ever described a 15 year-old Korean psuedo sports car as beautiful? I bought my 2002 Tuscani about six months ago. It had obviously been cared […]

A Letter to My Students

Dear Students,   Welcome back to Mokwon University. I hope you had a wonderful vacation and I hope you’re rested for the new semester but what I really hope is that you take the opportunity to do something cool in 2016. It’s true that cool stuff is more fun but that’s not my biggest reason […]

Rocinante Gets Sharper Teeth

Crappy econo-box racecars, versions 1.0 and 2.0 The great and legendary Rocinante, my 2002 Hyundai Avante (Elantra), spent an entirely unacceptable 12 months in stock configuration. How I bowed my head in disgrace as beloved ancestors sneered at my pathetically stock ride. “Bah,” my mother said. “These springs sag like your spirit. Your Rocinante rocks […]


어린이를 보호해야 합니다. 안전한 놀이공간이 없으면 어린이들이 상처나 멍 생길 수 있습니다. 어린이는 매우 안전한 환경이 없으면 실패를 경험할 수 있습니다. 불은 위험하고 연기가 나오기 때문에 어린이들은 불놀이를 하거나 기계를 만지면 안됩니다. 이는 어린이의 눈을 아프게 하고 기침을 유발합니다. 작동하는 기계 또한 위생상태가 좋지 못하고 위험하기 때문에 어린이들의 안전을 위협하고 있습니다. 허나 어린이들 거절을 나타내면 […]

Break Time, A Love Letter to Yoon-mi on her birthday.

Annyeong Jaggi, I’m on break. You know how humid it gets in Geumsan. I’d love to shower but I’ve got to visit the security office. The security ajeoshi smokes and he’s old and he wants my foreigner card. He wears anti-tanning arm protectors so his skin won’t get dark. This is ridiculous – his skin […]

Using the Internet to Diagnose Myself Via the Notoriously Precise Science of Dream Analysis

I recently realized that I’m living a repressed, empty life of debauchery, gluttony and uncontrollable bellybutton lint. As such, I’ve abandoned all my “intellectual” pursuits in order to immerse myself in the new age. No more philosophy. Plato is dead to me. Science holds no more charm. You can no longer lead me astray with […]

문맹을 지원하고 무법주의를 인식함

This is my speech about Confucius and Socrates for Toastmasters. If you’d like to read in in English, please click here. 여기 저의 넷번쩨 토스트마스터스 연설입니다. 영어로 쓴 각본은 여기 있습니다.  법의 지배는 사악한 것입니다. 법의 지배는 반사회적인 폭력과 혁명라고 의미합니다. 혼란 있을 때 법도 있습니다. 예멘과 소말리아가튼 나라들 항상 새로운 법을 만들고 있지만 그런 나라들 […]