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Part One – Dr. McN, Professor CL and the Niceness Trap

Where does leadership come from? I’d like to start this series by telling you about the best and worst teachers I ever had. This is partly because I feel the story is interesting, partly because I want to recognize and thank the previously mentioned best teacher and partly because this will work better if we […]

Power and Persuation

Query: Of what importance is goodness in the weak? The righteously ineffectual fall like all the rest. in reply “Hence it comes about that all armed Prophets have been victorious, and all unarmed Prophets have been destroyed.” – Nicollo Machiavelli Query: The most useless of our philosophers are fond of saying ‘great men are almost […]

Probability vs Atheism

Atheists have two basic arguments for the non-existence of God(s). The first is the problem of evil. God is omnipotent, omniscient and all good. If God as such exists, how can we explain the existence of evil? A good God would not create evil, an omnipotent God could erase evil and an omniscient God would […]

You Don’t Know Jack

Science tells us the capital”T” Truth. We don’t think it, we don’t believe it, we don’t suspect it. We know it because science is repeatable, it’s systematic and we can verify everything science says through empirical methods. We’re smart, us scientific people, we aren’t a bunch of creation scientists or fortune tellers or primitive Amazonian tribesmen […]

My Ghost

On a surface level, I just went on a ghost hunt. However, if I really think of what I was doing on the levels of symbolism and cognition, it was really closer to an act of war. Since this is a story about ghosts, according to the Most Holy Book of Cultural Cliché, I’m supposed […]

No More Daewoo of Death, It’s the Hyundai of Horror!

THE TRANSITION My 98 Daewoo Nubira, that rusty, crusty old car my middle school students and I transformed into a competent track rig four years ago, has finally passed from this mortal coil. A chunk of concrete, set at the perfect height to go under the bumper, snag the rear subframe and twist it beyond […]

Antagonizing More Critters in the Woods

I earned my master’s degree at PaiChai University in Doma neighborhood. This is about 2 miles east of Gwanjeo neighborbood, where I work, and about 7 miles southeast of Goong neighborhood, where I live. Seeing as I volunteered last weekend to help my friends at PaiChai, it seemed only natural I should take advantage of […]

The Cave-beast

Most of us are civilized. We open doors for old people and self-deprecate so that everyone feels at ease. We drink whiskey on the rocks because it’s crude to drink from the bottle and always in moderation because it’s even less refined to lose control. We turn off lights in other people’s offices because we want […]


My car makes me tired an awful lot of the time. It’s noisy, it rides sufficiently rough to cause involuntary exhalations on a regular basis and it’s ugly – pretty much the perfect automotive recipe for female repellent. Pressed into the unnatural half of its dual roles (race car, commuter box), my little Daewoo sucks. I […]

Geekery of the Day

The New York Yankees are very rich. They have the highest payroll among all North American sports teams, their revenues are likely in the neighborhood of half a billion dollars per year. They spend five times as much as playoff teams like the Oakland Athletics or Tampa Bay Rays and yet they aren’t very good. […]