Anonymity, Thy Name is Avante

I took pictures of all these cars in one small parking lot. I did move my car one time, so you can see it in a couple different pictures. So yeah, gold star if you can guess which one is mine.


All these photos are from my friends Tom and Anna’s parking lot.


Shocking variety! Among these four XD Avantes, one of them is a different color and a hatchback!


This one stands out because, um, there aren’t any door guards?


And this one also doesn’t have door guards, so it’s unique, except for the other one.


Haha, different color license plates! No two snowflakes are the same!


And this one has little things on top of the mirrors. The variety is overwhelming!


Umm, this one made my camera not quite focus, so that’s special, right?

1779912_10202189066627102_1051687588_n (1)

I’m not used to being so anonymous … 😦


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