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Break Time, A Love Letter to Yoon-mi on her birthday.

Annyeong Jaggi, I’m on break. You know how humid it gets in Geumsan. I’d love to shower but I’ve got to visit the security office. The security ajeoshi smokes and he’s old and he wants my foreigner card. He wears anti-tanning arm protectors so his skin won’t get dark. This is ridiculous – his skin […]

A Lover’s Guide to Daecheong Lake

Woe be unto lovers. Who has not, upon visitng the same theater for the eighteenth time, grown weary of their love? Who, groaning and gnashing teeth, has not spent sleepless nights asking “how might I spice up date night?” Surely there are few who, casting their eyes upon Pizza Hut’s “Deluxe” buffet for the sixth […]

Anonymity, Thy Name is Avante

I took pictures of all these cars in one small parking lot. I did move my car one time, so you can see it in a couple different pictures. So yeah, gold star if you can guess which one is mine.

What it Means to Be Weak

Korea is obsessed with development. It attaches the term “development” to almost all of its official endeavors. Corrupt political systems are not unfair, they are undeveloped. Gender equality is desirable mostly in the context that it represents the development of Korean society. Social equality is not so wonderful on its own, but as a sign […]

Racing Videos

Hey all, here are the videos I made about racing the Daewoo. I’ve decided to post them oldest to newest. Hopefully there will be many more in 2014.

토마 연설

토마 연설 여기서 저의 토마 스피치 있습니다. 즐겨 많이 드세요. 문법 많이 틀어서 최송합니다. 이런 각본은 원래 상태로 보여주실 거예요. 영어로 쓴 각본은 좀 달아요. 차이 점은 저의 초급 한국어는 때문입니다. “안녕하시기 바랍니다. 제 말씀을 잘 들어주시면 감사하겠습니다. 스피치 시작하기 전에, 아주 중요한 질문을 하고 싶습니다 – 너의 정체는 뭐에요? 다른 방법으로 물어보면, 누구세요? 깊게 […]

Condensed Friendship

One of my professors at Paichai University is an enormous tech-guy and he was very excited the other day because, it seems, Korea is on the verge of replacing its paper books with e-book enabled iPads (or their Samsung/LG made equivalents). My first reaction was, typical of my largely tech-indifferent self, to shrug and go […]

Getting My Ass Kicked

I’m a pretty big proponent of jumping into novel experiences and then figuring out the consequences later. As such, when Professor Oh Yong-sun of the engineering department invited me for a nice little hike in the countryside I did not worry that I would be the only non-engineer on the trip. It did not concern […]

More Youngam Race Weekend Pictures Courtesy of Chris Marsh

Please peruse these photos from our weekend at the Korean Formula One track.

Looking Back on Looking Forward

Hi, this is 29 year-old Ben and I’ll be writing in italics for the duration of this article. I’ve lived in Korea four years now. This means a lot of the things I found fascinating and amazing at first have become entirely mundane. This normalization of what, four years ago seemed very exotic, makes it […]