Why I Came to South Korea

Hi everyone,

Please click the following link to watch my speech in Korean, “Why I came to South Korea.”

For those of you who can’t speak or understand the language, here is the translation:

Korean People often ask me why I came to Korea. I never tell them the complete truth. I will say “I wanted to earn money” or “I want to learn a new culture” or “damn, Korean women are sexy.”

This is true, but the real reason is my megalomania. When people see me I want them to say “Wow, Ben is such a cultured, legendary, noble, genius, amazing, imperial, incredible, unbelievable renaissance man. I’m sure they will say this very soon.

So, I had to find a way to look cultured, legendary, noble, genius, amazing, imperial, incredible, and unbelievable. The first way is to travel overseas. Cultured people are always on some trip or another. The second way is to learn a second language. If I speak two languages I can look down on others. It is fun to look down on others. The third way is to get a job that seems noble and self sacrificing.

I thought and thought, meditated and consulted with various psychics. Finally I came up with a solution that accomplishes all three goals – become a foreign teacher in Korea!

Soon my megalomania will become complete. Soon I will stick my nose higher in the air than anyone else alive. Soon I will become the most annoying snob the world has ever seen!

Thank you, thank you …

My real reason is perhaps a little bit more important.

I believe a human life is made of two things, circumstance and choice. Nationality, race, family religion, height, skin color and beauty are random, they are nothing but chance.

On the other hand, I chose my career, I chose to write novels and study philosophy. I chose to learn about politics and live in Daejeon.

One day I will die. Friends and family will come to my funeral and they will talk about my life. I sincerely hope that when they do, they remember my choices and not my circumstances.

That is why I came to Korea.

Thank you very much,



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