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Condensed Friendship

One of my professors at Paichai University is an enormous tech-guy and he was very excited the other day because, it seems, Korea is on the verge of replacing its paper books with e-book enabled iPads (or their Samsung/LG made equivalents). My first reaction was, typical of my largely tech-indifferent self, to shrug and go […]

Looking Back on Looking Forward

Hi, this is 29 year-old Ben and I’ll be writing in italics for the duration of this article. I’ve lived in Korea four years now. This means a lot of the things I found fascinating and amazing at first have become entirely mundane. This normalization of what, four years ago seemed very exotic, makes it […]

Fun Facts on Teaching English in South Korea

Hi everyone, Here are a few fun facts if you are interested in teaching English in South Korea: Most programs for foreigners teaching in Korea require nothing more than a four year degree. There are also comparable programs in Japan and China. Typical pay for a teacher in Korea is around 2,000,000 won per month […]

Ben Garrido Becomes Benjamin Teacher

Before I went to Korea I knew I had liked children.  I found them entertaining, interesting and I could remember my own childhood when I spent time with munchkins.  Then I became a teacher and discovered that I not only like children, I love the little monsters.  It took less than a week before I […]