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Mohsin Hamid Replies to My Open Letter

The first in my series of open letters was addressed to Sinead O’Connor. It consisted of my thoughts regarding her and Miley Cyrus’ little “poison to feminism except we aren’t sure what feminism stands for” feud. I really doubted I would get a response from either participant and, considering the level of maturity in Ms. […]

An Open Letter to Peter Schiff

Dear Peter, I just wanted to say first of all that I’m a massive fan of yours. I’m not sure if it’s your paranoid tone, the way your face undulates like a stormy sea as you speak or if it’s simply because you’ve decided that, instead of the innocuous “Pete” appellation commonly adopted by those […]

Problems With the Gold Standard

Explanation of the gold standard’s problems. I would like to thank Schmitt Van Dean for contributing to this article. When discussing the virtues of a gold standard, advocates almost always lead with a variation on this question. Why don’t governments operate with collateral – ie a gold or silver backing – in their money printing […]