Behold! (Behear?) It’s Podcasting Time!

Dead Sexy

Greetings y’all. It’s been a while. Too long, and I’m sorry for that. Unfortunately, some of the reasons for ghosting wordpress aren’t going away. I’m doing a Ph.D now, in Korean (and sometimes in Chinese characters – pray for me), people have suddenly started paying me to write stuff and a lot of the material I would otherwise channel into the blog has gone into a very ambitious non-fiction book project I’m neck deep into. This is all to say that my previous schedule of 1,500 word think pieces every week probably isn’t coming back. However, I have been able to hook up with some podcasters here in Korea and we’ve got enough of a catalogue to keep going on a biweekly schedule for the foreseeable future.

“The Homely Gangsters” podcast is about the hot issues of the day, minus the hysterical, activist bs. Everything we discuss, from abortion rights to the Paris Agreement transcend the CNN/FoxNews partisan nonsense. Instead of moralizing, we provide context. In place of fear-mongering, we figure out alternatives. We also make fart jokes.

If you are more interested in understanding the modern world than virtue signalling, there’s a good chance you’ll get a kick out of “The Homely Gangsters” podcast. First up, a set of perspectives on the universal rights of human beings you’ve probably not considered before.

Strap in, buckle up and gird your loins – here’s episode one.


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