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I’m now well into year ten of my writing career. That’s almost exactly one third of my life, almost exactly as long as I’ve lived independently, almost exactly as long as I’ve had that one stupid whisker that grows into the corner of my mouth and cannot be shaved without razor burn. It has taken […]

CJ’s Nightmare, An Excerpt from The Potency.

CJ adjusted the fine, silk collar on his shirt and brushed aside a barely visible spec of fuzz on his slacks. He looked up to see Chul seated, smoking in front of an enormous wooden book case. He was sure they had not met before, but things were going well and so CJ smiled and […]

Why I Wrote My Novels

I have finished three novels and, although they share only the most tenuous connections in setting, character and plot, I do consider them a trilogy of sorts. All three are attempts to understand the disconnect between intentions and outcomes. All three are, in a very real sense, about my attempt to overcome the desire for […]