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Looking Back on Looking Forward

Hi, this is 29 year-old Ben and I’ll be writing in italics for the duration of this article. I’ve lived in Korea four years now. This means a lot of the things I found fascinating and amazing at first have become entirely mundane. This normalization of what, four years ago seemed very exotic, makes it […]

Return to the United States

A little more than a year ago I left behind my family, my friends and my job in Reno.  I did this because Chungdahm April Language Academy offered me work teaching English in Korea.  Here’s what happened. Return to the United States “그레하운드 장류정에 가야 해요.” I was standing at the airport in San Francisco […]

Welcome to Seoul

It was my first time outside North America. The first time I’d gone further east than Orlando, further west than San Francisco, further south than Tijuana or further north than British Columbia.  I had just crossed an ocean and my passport was about to lose its virginity. Incheon International Airport is designed to serve Seoul, […]