Male kind’s illusion. International marraige. Korean women’s illusions and irresponsibilty.

This is a good article, but honestly, the question it brings foremost to my mind is whether it’s possible to create pop music that isn’t sexual fantasy. I think the answer might be no.

Moon Behind the Clouds

Alright … this is the third biggest topic of my experience. I feel I am like a hell raiser. This writing describes how a monoculture got stuck in some rigid psychological gender roles. Actually, that’s  very dangerous in reality. I can get the feeling of danger like from reading conspiracy theory documents.

Men easily think that “I am the best race in the world.” Korean guys think that “I am the best compared to any guy.” So do American males, Indonesian males, Arbian males. Even he might think that “I am the best individual guy in the world.” I never met a guy who recognized his faults except for my dad and bluebee. Actually bluebee became so submissive when I exploded. Also my dad looks like St. Augustin when he is alone. By that I mean, kind of anti-fun. I accept there are lots of exceptions.

However, I experienced many…

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  1. It’s colouful and the cinematography interesting. They are all gorgeous looking! The complete package in the music industry. The song???? Aimed for the young pop culture…. 🙂

    1. Korean Miley Cyruses. 😉

  2. They are getting super sexual whenever their album go out.

    1. That’s how they make money.

  3. Thank you ffor writing this

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