Inner Beauty

What a beautiful article by a Korean feminist. It’s nice to get different perspectives on what we usually think of as a strictly Western thing.

Moon Behind the Clouds

Commonly, a woman’s beauty reveals her social status but also her laziness in social participation. Passionate women with social participation can never accept this kind of laziness. The biggest reasons for this is these women’s biology. I think the second reason is she is so confident of her inside beauty.  Let me give you an example  why I have thought and insisted on these points.

I noticed the biology condition first. Women who are good at their careers have many biological similarities to men,  loud voice, a hard nature against  hardship  and basically no shame about her lady parts. She likes to wear short pants, leggings and easily shows her boobs in a very natural way, which means her body temperate is pretty hot and she has well shaped muscles.  Even more,  she really doesn’t care about other people’s views of her.  She just enjoys her life when she’s single…

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