I don’t like victims. I don’t like the way they talk, I don’t like the way they act, I have a fundamental problem with the way they view their victimhood as some sort of prize.  The base fact, hidden under so many appeals to justice, fairness, rights and similar notions united in their cold and absolute non-existence, is victimhood’s fundamental repulsiveness.

The victim is one who, through a failure of sufficiency – no matter how understandable, unavoidable or even necessary – depends on the charity of his or her fellows for survival. Victims are, in other words, exactly the type of organism 3.5 billion years of evolution has spent eliminating – affronts to nature, insults to history. The very thought of being a victim fills me with horror, like worms crawling inside my eyes or snakes slithering into my orifices and eating my viscera.

This is not to say I advocate blaming the victim, more that I advocate the immediate conversion of victim into something else. We are social animals largely because social structures can keep us alive when chance, fate or necessity makes us into victims. So long as the victim remembers the fundamentally repulsive nature of his victimhood and, moving as quickly and thoroughly as possible, eliminates the weaknesses that have reduced him to dependency, the social system can continue to function.

It is perhaps not much of a stretch to say that our survival as a society depends on people looking at their temporary dependence on society and cringing, turning their noses down on the very thing they, by their desire to be strong and powerful, create and nurture. A safety net – a fellowship of people who’d rather not depend on the fellowship.

A victim of rape is worthy of sympathy only so long as she sets about recovering as soon as possible. A traumatized child is worthy of sympathy only if he refuses the temptation to stretch his sufferings into a Freudian excuse for indefinite loser-hood. A victim of robbery who does not think, after his victimization, to bar his windows, a wounded soldier who shirks PT for the tonic of narcotics, an abused spouse who rushes from abuser to abuser – these people are some of the more pathetic examples of victim-as-despicable.

But they aren’t the worst. The real menaces, instead of running screaming from the very idea of victimhood, instead of embracing strength and the very nature of survival, these folks actively seek out victimhood. They search their genealogies for historical outrages. They find bloodline injustices and murder the people of other racial, religious or patriotic categories to achieve “justice” for these eagerly sought victimizations. Victims, like the Hutu suffering endless “oppression” by the mere existence of the Tutsi, are themselves the greatest victimizers. Victims, like the long suffering Aryans seeking to right millennia of Jewish manipulation, destroy all that comes before them. Victims, the faithful victims forced to suffer heterodoxy and heresy, are the ones to burn your daughters at the stake when things go even a little bit sideways.



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