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An Open Letter to Joelle Fraser

Joelle Fraser is a memiorist and (soon to be) novelist. She has been published by Random House and Counterpoint Press to critical acclaim. She is also my editor. This interview will cover her first book, “The Territory of Men.” The Territory of Men follows a young Joelle as her mother bounces from man to man […]

The House Husband

I really recommend you watch this video, but if you don’t want to, I’ll summarize for your convenience. The location is France, the protagonist is a house husband who, in the course of his day, gets crudely hit upon by a hobo chick, sorta-raped by a gang of feral women and diminished by his sexist […]

A Tale of Exceptionally Vivid Lust

Beowulf Two, Beauty Never Rests, A Tale of  Exceptionally Vivid Lust. Suddenly, Beowulf heard the portal gate suck shut wryly. He cringed cryingly with fear, tears of blood running down his cheeks. Ever since he’d taken a job as a pool boy he was scared horrifically every day. The space wives could be really moody […]