Anglo-American Culture Study Guide

Study Guide for 영미문화


Chapter 7 Cecil Rhodes

  1. Understand why Rhodes supported imperialism. Check his ideas about “the finest race” and “civilizing influences.”
  2. Understand Rhodes’ goal for expanding the English Empire. What does he want to accomplish?
  3. Understand Rhodes’ opinion about “lesser races.”


Chapter 8 Teddy Roosevelt

  1. Understand what Roosevelt meant by “the strenuous life.”
  2. Understand how Roosevelt thought a man should behave in dangerous and difficult situations.
  3. Why does Roosevelt think that winning the Civil War was worth so many deaths?
  4. Understand why Roosevelt doesn’t want to “be like China.”


Chapter 9 Malcolm X

  1. Understand the reasons Malcolm X and black people had for hating white people.
  2. Understand the difference between the Nation of Islam and Islam.
  3. Understand the differences between Malcolm X’s feelings before and after Mecca.
  4. Understand why Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammed had a conflict.


Chapter 10 Anti-Communism

  1. Understand why Americans were so scared of communism in the 1950s.
  2. Understand why American conservatives did “witch hunts” against artists, movie directors and diplomats.
  3. Know about Joseph McCarthy’s life.


Chapter 11 Libertarianism and the Reagan Revolution

  1. Understand why many Americans think that social welfare programs are secretly communistic.
  2. Understand what Libertarians believe – natural social structures, naturally convergent interests, the evil of all governments.
  3. Understand why Reagan attacked labor unions, government regulations and lowered taxes on rich people.
  4. Know what the Reagan Coalition is.


Chapter 12 The Attacks of 9-11, 2001 and Aftermath

  1. Understand why Americans expect safety.
  2. Understand how Osama bin Laden began his career with the Mujahideen, fighting against the Soviet Union.
  3. Understand bin Laden’s plan.
  4. Understand how Americans reacted to 9-11.

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