Anti-Asian Article From 1900

The WASP This is a challenge for my readers – an intellectual exercise. Regardless of whether you are pro-immigrant or not, and regardless of where you are from, I’d invite you to try and make an anti-immigrant argument that doesn’t follow the form of this hilariously dated and super racist article from the height of the Yellow Peril. 

Meat vs. Rice – American Manhood Against Asiatic Coolieism. Which Shall Survive?

Mr. Samuel Gompers and Mr. Herman Gutstadt of San Francisco, in this article, seek to explain the extreme dangers posed by the Mongolian races to the United States. While we have previously sought to ban only the Chinese, we now know that all the Asiatic races, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Hindus, are all menaces. They all attempt to import their insidious customs into our Republic. Because we failed to ban all the Asiatic races, Japanese, Korean and Hindus have mistakenly come to believe that they are welcome in our nation.

They have come in swarms, like poisonous bees. 30,226 Asiatics arrived in the last year alone. Given two or three decades and the Asian menace will outnumber white Christians. The Asian problem began when mining companies in California needed cheap workers. At this time, there weren’t enough white people to work in the mines, so the Asiatics didn’t make huge problems. However, you shouldn’t think they helped California grow. White people would have been much better. A famous California doctor explained the Asiatic “help” this way.

“California ‘growing’ with the Asian population is like a child growing with a tumor. When the child grows up, that ‘growth’ will kill him.”

The Asiatic races in America have depended on “Tongs.” These are virtual slave organizations. The greedy companies ignore morality, and treat the immigrants like cattle. Like all Asiatic organizations, there is rampant crime with the Tongs. Even the Asiatic heathens would be happier if we made them leave because then the Tongs couldn’t hurt them. The Tongs use murder and intimidation to control the Asiatics. However, we think we should acquit the Tongs of their crimes since murder and slavery are normal parts of the Asiatic mind and culture. The correct course of action is expulsion, not prosecution. Next time you hear some confused white person compliment the “friendly little yellow people,” remember all the violence.

They are also invaders. They started in the mines, but now the Asiatic menace has spread into all the industries, stealing jobs from white Christians. Every Asiatic with a job means that there’s another white woman who can’t work. Every heathen, criminal Asiatic store destroys a moral, white store. Anywhere the Asians go they destroy the white laborer’s entire life. In order to steal the jobs, Asiatic heathens will work so cheaply that white people can’t compete. Then, when all the white people are destroyed, the Asiatic will demand extremely high pay and destroy the white companies as well. It’s only a matter of time before the Asiatic heathens completely take over the economy.

The Asians are cunning, but inferior to the white men in arts, philosophy and science. They are hard workers, but in the same way that slaves work hard. They are gifted in commerce. But most importantly, they always spread. Many islands in South Asia have been completely overrun with Asiatic Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. The Asian hordes are spreading over the world. The white, Christian civilization will meet it. When these great waves of white and yellow collide, who will survive? We cannot know. Already, the heathens have overrun our beautiful state, Hawaii. San Francisco is their next target.

So readers. Here’s your challenge. Make an anti-immigrant article that doesn’t follow the form set here by Gompers and Gutstadt. Please overwhelm me with your brilliance in the comments section!

If you enjoyed this article, please consider buying the author’s novel.

For customers living in East Asia.


  1. The irony, of course, is that Gompers and Gutstadt were absolutely right to worry. China and Japan now hold around $2.5 trillion in US debt between them. But they have done it by flooding the US not with immigrants, but with lots and lots and LOTS of shiny cheap toys.

    1. I guess that depends on whether or not you think selling someone a thing is a form of exploitation.

      1. Why should it be, when you have a willing buyer and a willing seller? Beads and mirrors have been accepted in exchange for all sorts of things over the centuries – why should that be any different in this case?

      2. I don’t think it should be. Hence my not seeing anything nefarious in trade imbalance. 😉

        Btw, fun econ fact. Always, one hundred percent of the time, trade deficits are exactly equalled by investment surpluses.

        A good short hand is to think of trade deficits/investment surpluses as helping standard of living while hurting exports. Trade surplus/investment deficits do the opposite.

      3. Not sure what you mean by “investment surplus”. Also, “nefarious” isn’t the word I’d have used, since I tend not to think in terms of conspiracies.

        “Helping standard of living while hurting exports.” Umm. No. Well, yes if you define a high standard of living as “having a shitload of Stuff”. I agree that a (diminishing) number of individuals at the (shrinking) upper end of the income spectrum will be able to accumulate lots of stuff really cheaply. But if you take a broader view of standard of living, and define it as sustainable quality of life for a large and growing segment of the population, I think it’s obvious that a country needs a strong manufacturing base, vibrant entrepreneurship, effective job creation, all based on a stable balance between export and import.

        Unfortunately it seems to me that western-style materialism drives a “get more stuff” approach to life. As a result, people chase down the costly “bargains” at Walmart – and, of course, Walmart is doing its own bargain hunting in the East, where labor and regulatory compliance costs less.

        Oh well … People make choices, and choices have consequences. And the end comes “not with a bang, but a whimper.”

      4. It means that China and Japan have invested 2.5 trillion into our roads, schools and nuclear warheads. 😉

        “When all components of the BOP accounts are included they must sum to zero with no overall surplus or deficit. For example, if a country is importing more than it exports, its trade balance will be in deficit, but the shortfall will have to be counterbalanced in other ways – such as by funds earned from its foreign investments, by running down central bank reserves or by receiving loans from other countries.”

        From Wikipedia.

      5. I understand what balance of trade is; just didn’t recognize the term investment surplus.

        Also, this is what the reference you linked says: “In a recession, countries like to export more, creating jobs and demand. In a strong expansion, countries like to import more, providing price competition, which limits inflation and, without increasing prices, provides goods beyond the economy’s ability to meet supply. Thus, a trade deficit is not a good thing during a recession but may help during an expansion.”

        Which was essentially my point – although I neglected to say that it applied to our current recessionary environment.

  2. I love the line, “Many islands in South Asia have been overrun with Asiatics…” Asiatics in South Asia, really? What’s next, Eskimos in the Arctic regions?

    1. Imagine the chaos! 😉

  3. Hilarious article indeed. “The Asian hordes are spreading over the world” Oh yes, certainly! We just need to look left and right to see another Vietnamese shop or sushi store run by a Chinese family…we eat Asian, we breathe Asian…that’s the way life is.

    In all seriousness, all of us have something to contribute to society regardless of race. Sure, some of us stereotypically aren’t strong at something and associate ourselves with stereotypes, but it doesn’t mean we want to take over the world.

    1. These articles are always a mix of barely conceal inferiority complexes, fear and a sugar coating of feigned pity so you don’t look quite so nasty.

      I’ll bet it’s similar to the treatment south Asians get in Oz and I’m positive it’s what Mexicans get in the States and Filipinos get in Korea.

    1. Pretty nuts, isn’t it.

      What’s interesting, I think, is how structurally similar it is with modern anti immigration movements it is.

      1. People don’t change… As we can all observe from all the anti-immigration movements. So sad, and frightening.

  4. […] – broke down mostly along the lines of big businesses supporting the Chinese against the anti-immigrant passions of California labor unions. Even the Roman Republic, during the debates on whether or not to grant citizenship to the Italian […]

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