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Two Agricultural Analogies and the Nature of Optimism

Throughout history, you will find countless rulers, philosophers, historians, artists and critics who claim humans are naturally wicked. In my opinion, Saint Augustine of Hippo is the most influential of their number. Likewise, you will find many who argue people are naturally good. The most enduring and influential of these, by my estimation, is the […]

You Don’t Know Jack, Part Two

Law, the entire concept of law, is perverse. It is anti-social. It is the root of violence and revolution. It is the cause, not the cure, for failed countries like Somalia. It looks like it promotes order, but it actually sows the seeds of chaos whenever it arises. Please join me. Please, help me free […]

Guide to Basic Moral Systems

Guide to Basic Moral Systems (영어회화 1 학생 내용 스터디가이드) 도덕의 시스템을 한국어로 공부하고 싶으면 파랑색 린크를 크릭해 보세요. 한국어로 쓴 자료 유익하지만 영어로 쓴 것도 읽어야 합니다. 너무 어려면, 저에개 연력해 주세요. Morality is subjective (주관적). It’s a feeling, or a set of prejudices or a group of habits. Because of this, the first […]

The New Year’s Sacrifice

This is a short story from Chinese author Lu Xun, who happens to be one of my literary heroes. While not well known in the west, he is widely considered the father of modern Chinese literature. Perusing his body of work, it is easy to tell why. New Year’s Eve of the old calendar1 seems after […]