Study Guide 영어회화 3 중간고사

English Conversation 3 Midterm Study Guide

On the first week of class, you wrote a story about the characters and places (chapter 10 new book, chapter 14 old book). For your midterm presentation, you should use what you learned about narrative to re-write that story. You will present your new story as well as explaining why you made the changes. You should use what you’ve learned about concrete details, the nature of narrative and RENNS. This will be 50% of your midterm score.

You should also listen to other students’ presentations and participate intelligently in them. I expect you to ask good questions and make useful points. This will be 25% of your grade.

Finally, you should compare one of the good narratives with one of the bad narratives listed in the RENNS chapter. (ch 13 in the new book, ch 17 in the old book). This will be 25% of your midterm grade.


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