Mid Term Project Conversation 1

For your English Conversation 1 midterm, please carefully follow the guidelines below.

You should choose one topic out of the following list:

A dress by Gucci, ice hockey, Hinduism, strawberries, hunting, carpentry, ants, the Spruce Goose, monster trucks, goldfish, Zoroaster, malaria.

After you’ve chosen your topic, present the topic in a way that encourages long term and short term memory, creates opportunities for critical thinking and encourages good discussion. You should also present it in a way that encourages other students to participate in the presentation. The presentation will be 50% of your score.

Next, you will be expected to participate in other students’ presentations. You should ask them intelligent questions and make helpful comments. This is 25% of your grade.

Finally, you should submit a 200 word (about one page) essay on how you can affect the future byg teachin. This is 25% of your grade.

I will provide a schedule in class. The presentations will be in my office, B325.


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